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June 2, 2013 - Author: Jenny

I’ve been teaching my friend Kim to knit chickens, because she asked me to. Let’s be clear, I’m not a knitter who does it right, or has any business teaching anyone else, and most of the time I knit in “figure it out as I go” mode, but whatever! That’s what friends are for right?

So, after struggling with tiny yarn and tiny needles for like 1.2 seconds, Kim got smart and bought bigger yarn and bigger needles, and ended up making a larger version of the wee chickens I’ve been knitting. These are both mine, but her chickens are about the same size as the larger one.

weechicken 022

Anyhoo, we were standing around at the park, me trying to explain how to knit the chicken’s comb on the head using two fingers, some colorful language and a healthy dose of imagination, and Kim getting confused watching me jabbing my two index fingers at each other and saying “over, and then wiggle and then like this and then… done!”

She asked me to drop by later and show her with actual yarn instead of imagination. Charades. Not my game.

I confessed to her that I often knit the bodies of little things, and then get bored and don’t want to finish the details at that point, and that I have a bucket where I throw the half-finished knitted things with the intent to come back and finish them later. Kim started laughing, visualizing a KFC bucket full of half-knitted chickens. WHO HAS THE IMAGINATION NOW, KIM?

The reality is equally funny, though:

weechicken 002

I mean, it’s like a horror show in there. Look at the giant eyeless chicken robots! I just finished reading the Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare, and these poor chickens are either Silent Brothers or the Automatons.

Look at them. Creepy!

weechicken 020

I start off with the best of intentions to make cute things, and they turn evil on me every single time.

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Renaissance Man

May 14, 2013 - Author: Jenny

This morning, I sent my son to school wearing my knee-high leather boots, a polyester shower cap and a fake beard. I’m not sorry.

May 2013 078

He’s supposed to be Leonardo Da Vinci. But I can’t stop whistling “If I Were A Rich Man” and wishing I had made him do the Tevye dance in the driveway.

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I’ll take you there

- Author: Jenny

I just returned home from the Mom 2.0 Summit, which was held in the lovely southern California town of Laguna Niguel.

Mom 2.0

There was so much beauty that it was hard to tear myself away from the view, but the conference was wonderful as well. Lots of old friends, lots of new friends, lots of inspiring speakers and great sponsors.

Also, hats.

May 2013 093

I sent my husband a text early on in the trip, telling him we had to bring the kids and experience that magical place together. Oh, I want to take a vacation so badly!

It’s our 15th wedding anniversary in September, and I’m already plotting.

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Whoa there, friend

May 1, 2013 - Author: Jenny

Sometimes I look at my calendar and wish I could grasp the sides like an Etch-a-Sketch and clear the whole darn thing. It’s almost May, and we’re in the frenetic final month of school. We’ve got open houses and concerts and Lego robotics competitions and karate belt tests and meetings with high school counselors and volunteer requirements to complete and science symposiums and field trips and picnics and parties and graduations and I’m exhausted just thinking about all the places we need to go and things we need to remember. Anyone else got a permission slip for me to sign or a check to write? Apparently that’s my new thing.

The best thing ever, though, is that the neighborhood pool opens tomorrow, and I can get back to photographing my kids underwater, which was my new thing LAST year.

July 2012 003

If I sound a bit frazzled, I am, but it’s a good frazzled. There’s so much joy in my life. The kids are big, vital, noisy, smartypants with good ideas in equal measure to bad attitudes, and they still think I’m funny. My husband is pulling more than his fair share of the weight around keeping the pantry stocked and getting the kids to and from all these places, while putting up with my scraps of yarn and less-than-organized lifestyle. I’m bursting with ideas of things I want to do, and I’m eyeballing summer weekends and dreaming of sleepy-eyed kids smelling like wood smoke and sticky with marshmallow goo emerging from a tent flap into the bright dawn.

The trick, of course, is to be present in each moment, without rushing ahead to the next. My oldest’s last days of middle school. My son’s suddenly short pants legs and cracking voice. My youngest beaming when her karate instructor praises her. There’s time to enjoy all of it, if I just stop overthinking it. It doesn’t matter how much there is to do, either it will get done (and it will) or it won’t. And then? Marshmallows.

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Things we ate today, thanks to the internet.

April 8, 2013 - Author: Jenny

A while back, there was a recipe for adorable bunny bread running around the internet. I bookmarked it – never found the original source mind you, because apparently people on Facebook and Tumblr don’t feel the need to make sure people who create things get credit and people like me can find the original recipe.

Things We Ate Today

ANYWAY. I decided to attempt this bunny bread, and made basic french bread dough for the project. I don’t know if I didn’t let the dough rest long enough or rise long enough or what, but it was really dense bread.

Here’s the whole family!

Things We Ate Today

So cute, right? The little balls of dough I thought would be cute tails basically made it look like they were pooping. One had its head break open from steam, whoops. It was also weird to cut into the cute little bunnies. I don’t know about this project.

Also, was browsing some of the food blogs in the network, and came across a recipe for broccoli salad from The Girl Who Ate Everything.

Looks amazing right? I had to have some. But then I didn’t have half of the ingredients, so I made this sad version with stuff I had in the fridge –

Things We Ate Today

It’s grapes, broccoli and walnuts. With mayo. It’s good, but not like the gorgeous salad from TGWAE.

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New looks

April 7, 2013 - Author: Jenny

A week ago, the two girls and I went to get our hair done. My youngest stuck with cleaning up her growing-out bob, I did my usual hide the gray and add some layers but my oldest decided that she wanted a new look.

“Heavy bangs, from the crown of my head,” she directed. “But angled like this.” She made a vague hand gesture. “Also some shorter pieces like this,” she said, accompanied by more hand waving.

Our stylist has been doing all of our hair for a long time, but she was dubious about this new idea. She asked lots of questions before cutting, and she followed up with more questions while cutting and in the end, my girl was totally thrilled (and not a little bit Rocker.)

We went from this:

Stars and Stripes Dance 2013

To this:

Easter 2013 026

Then, yesterday she went to a birthday party – a “makeover party” – in which she was enlisted to help do makeup on her friends. At pickup time, I found out that she had made herself (and another kid or two) over into full zombie makeup and went with her friends to the park to try to scare little kids.

Oh parenting, how you humble me sometimes.

Apparently instead of scaring kids, they ended up with some groupies among the 7 and under set, and then came back to the party house to do “pretty” makeup instead, so when I got there, they were as glossy and pink as a bunch of princesses. The family who was hosting the party didn’t think the whole Zombie thing was unusual, I guess? I wasn’t sure if I should laugh, cry or apologize. Or all three.

Maybe she’s got a future in special effects?

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Half Birthday, Whole Birthday

April 5, 2013 - Author: Jenny

My sister, my best friend, and my favorite goof-ball was born today. It’s her birthday, but it is also my half-birthday.

When we were kids, we’d clean each other’s rooms for a birthday surprise, and now that we’re adults, we usually manage to sneak out for a meal or a movie. One of these years, I’ll hire a mariachi band to play outside her window, and the best thing is she will totally love it, because she’s dramatic.

She’s the Bert to my Ernie, and I’m so glad.

Happy Birthday, Deeder. Let’s go eat all the appetizers on the menu and not apologize once.

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